I’m in a magazine in the supermarket isle! 🤯😂

February 24, 2021

I’m in a magazine in the supermarket isle! 🤯😂

I was recently featured in a National Magazine!   


A writer from First for Women which publishes over 3 million copies nationwide contacted me in November. 


They were looking for women over 40 that are making money in the DIY space.  I fit that description!   Did I feel ready for something like this? No way! Did I feel fully equipped? Nope! Was I nervous to have my picture in a magazine?! Absolutely, positively Yes! But you know what I realized with the help of wise family & friends
😉? God positioned this for me, He orchestrated it.  God has something He wants me to carry out and it has zero to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with His plan & purpose.  


I loved being a part of this magazine article, highlighting the theme that women of any age can use their love and knack for DIY and turn it into something bigger.   

I've always been into crafts and projects around the house and it turned into setting up a shop on my front porch and eventually opening a storefront, Honeycomb Creative, in order to also support other local women with the same passion for DIY. 


I hope to continue to support and inspire women. Here's a few questions to think about.  


What talents & strengths are you holding onto today that need to be explored?

What gifts do you have that may be helpful to you, your family & your community? 

Did you start something you were once totally excited about and need to put it back in motion?


If you are scared to take the next step, trust the baby steps, the small beginnings, lean into the doors that are opening for you, pay attention to what lights you up, it’s probably God directing and leading you.  Get your journals out and start writing, brainstorming and dreaming!  


I can’t wait to see what you have to offer and to cheer you on in 2021!  


To read more about my story... click here


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